Getting to Know: Ramat Eshkol

The first residents who arrived in 1970, before roads were built or bus service established, would hardly recognize Ramat Eshkol today. Its original inhabitants were mostly secular Jews while today it is one of Jerusalem’s most sought after locations for young Orthodox families with a large contingency of Anglos.

Ramat Eshkol is one of the major stops along the Jerusalem light rail system servicing commuters throughout Jerusalem with a free of charge “park and ride” parking lot. At the center of the neighborhood is a well established shopping area that serves not only the immediate community but enjoys customers from all over with easy access whether by bus, car, or light rail and a variety of stores with plenty of adjacent parking.  

Most of the buildings in the area are of newer construction and all types of housing are available from small 1 bedroom apartments to spacious villas with private gardens in the Givat Hamivtar section and the exclusive street of Ramat HaGolan, where most of the houses were privately built.

Due to high demand for residential real estate in the neighborhood, property prices in Ramat Eshkol are among the highest in Jerusalem. Based on the Madlan Index, as of August 2015, the price per square meter in the neighborhood was 26,600 NIS, while the rental index stood at 4,000 NIS per month. 

Despite this, there are still many investors who express interest in investment properties in Ramat Eshkol. They clearly believe in the neighborhood’s potential: over the past year or two there have been more and more TAMA 38 Urban Renewal projects popping up in the area – reflecting a high level of trust placed by developers in the neighborhood’s strength.

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