Alon Ben-David

Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Momentum

  • Agent License: 320868
  • Service Areas: Talbiye (Komemiyut), Old Katamon
  • Specialties: Real Estate Consulting

Property Types

  • 50% 5 Rooms
  • 50% 3 Rooms

Property Status

  • 100% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 100% Jerusalem

About Alon Ben-David


Looking to sell a KKL-leased apartment?

• Apartment prices are low and in a downward trend — but don’t worry, there’s hope!

• With the right marketing, you can get 10%-20% higher than the market price..

• What is happening today in the buyers’ market? Potential buyers are uncertain about what will happen after the lease is up in 2051, so there’s little demand and many apartments for sale → leading to a decrease in prices.

• How can we reverse this trend? There are 2 actions to take: 1. Create certainty. Make buyers aware that they can purchase the property and simultaneously register ownership in the tabu in their name (making the land private land). 2. Aggressive marketing to potential buyers who are looking to buy one of these properties and register ownership in the tabu in their name.

• Professional marketing → leads to a way for the buyer to gain full ownership of the property → leading to an increase in the number of buyers → and an increase in prices.

Interested in buying an apartment in Talbiya?

• An extraordinary opportunity to purchase an apartment in the most beautiful and sought-after neighborhood in Jerusalem at a reasonable price.

• It is possible today to gain full ownership of a KKL-leased apartment and register it in the tabu in the name of the new owner!

• Because the properties are leased to KKL until 2051, and because it’s not clear what’s going to happen next, very few buyers have shown interest in buying these properties → so the prices have dropped.

• It’s recently become possible for buyers to gain full ownership with their name being registered in the tabu. To acquire full ownership, buyers are required to pay for the lease until 2051 as well as pay “Nayot Komemiyut Investments” for the ownership.

• The two payments together won’t reach the real value of the apartment. Once the apartment is registered in the tabu in the name of the buyer and the land has become private land, the value of the apartment could increase by more than 10% immediately.

win win!

Call me and you are sure to benefit. 

Alon Ben-David, RE/MAX Momentum
[email protected]

Clarification: I am not acting on behalf of “Nayot Komemiyut Investments” nor do I try to advance their interests. I act only in the interest of my clients and assisting their property transactions.


Language: English, Hebrew

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